Relaxation Techniques and Emotional Balance


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  • The Balance Procedure - Benefits
    • Restore emotional and physical balance in your life.
    • Unlock your creative potential
    • Improve mental and emotional clarity
  • The Balance Procedure For Individuals

    One to one consultations & workshops in The Balance Procedure, relaxation/energy technique.


  • Relaxation Workshops For Schools

    Stress management in schools to improve teaching and learning for staff & students.


  • The Balance Procedure For Holistic Therapists and Centres

    Workshops in The Balance Procedure to supplement existing therapies and gain CPD.


 relaxation and emotional wellbeing,  One to One Consultations and Workshops for adults and kids/Teenagers.

Welcome! If you have found this website the chances are you are one of the following and you either want to change the way you think, feel or behave or you want to empower others to do so:

  • An individual looking for a simple self help technique to enable you to deal with stress and limiting beliefs that may be holding you back in your life. The Balance Procedure empowers you to unlock your potential and move forward with the life you want to create.
  • A Holistic Therapist or Holistic Centre who is interested in broadening what they can offer to their clients and supplementing their skills and professional development (CPD). Learn a simple relaxation/energy technique called The Balance Procedure which can be used alongside your existing therapies or on it’s own.
  • A school or Community Centre who would like to offer Relaxation sessions to kids/teenagers and/or staff to maintain wellbeing and morale
  • A Business or other organisation who would like to offer  sessions to staff.

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