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Simple techniques to assist with relaxation, enhance your emotional wellbeing, feel better on a more consistent basis, deal with limiting beliefs and get in touch with the phenomenal resources that lie within you to realise your unique potential.

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My new book

Reflections: A guided journal supports you to move forward in any aspect of your life. It helps you deal with stress and anxiety so you get clarity on what your next steps are, and supports your emotional wellbeing and relaxation.

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My new book

Training for Holistic Therapists

Enhance your professional development by learning a powerful, simple and effective energy/relaxation technique called The Balance Procedure (TBP) that you can use with your clients to enhance their wellbeing as well as your own. TBP is accredited in 26 countries worldwide and you can book training either online or in person.

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"I feel I have found my way forward and met some brilliant people too" - Sharon Emanuel

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