What is your why?

The biggest reason I do what I do is due to me experiencing burnout as well as physical and mental illness within my family when I began my teaching career. This ‘breaking point’ led to a turning point when I came across various relaxation techniques and holistic practices to assist me. One of these was an energy/relaxation technique called The Balance Procedure (TBP) which supported me in moving forward with my life, dealing with anxiety and overwhelm, supporting my emotional wellbeing and relaxation. This is when I became interested in supporting others to do the same after seeing what a huge difference it made in my own life.

I eventually trained as a Holistic Practitioner and then as a Trainer in TBP after seeing the profound effects this had on my mind, body and spirit. I now provide Balance Procedure consultations and training for holistic practitioners.

Changing your reality

For many years I kept hearing and reading about this idea that we are responsible for creating our reality. This hadn’t quite clicked into place until I started working with The Balance Procedure. Since then I have watched relationships transform, long term illness shift quicker than would normally be expected, new opportunities open up and expand my horizons. I no longer feel like a ‘victim’ of circumstances and feel empowered to change the way I see things and my reality. This journey eventually culminated in the publication of my first book, Reflections a Guided Journal! which is a space for you to tap into your inner guidance, to share your own powerful insights and feelings, and set intentions for your life as the first step towards connecting with the phenomenal person that you truly are.

My interests

When I am not working I love singing, reading, yoga, going for nature walks and anything that gets me focussing on the now.